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Geo-Fencing: How To Maximize Geo-Targeting and Gain Customers

How many reading this understand what geo-fencing is? If you don’t, you’re not alone. The average small business owner likely couldn’t state a definition, or define how geo-fencing can engage their customers.

The GPS technology built into mobile devices makes gathering location data easy. Geo-fencing is a location-based marketing tool fueled by that location data. It enables brands to connect with individuals that enter a specific zone, or “fence”.

So, how specifically would a local brand use geo-fencing to connect with customers and drive sales?

Geo-Fencing Business Application

Let’s use a bicycle repair shop as an example to do a deep dive on how geo-fencing works. Suppose this business is located in a small downtown area where a popular bike path cuts through. While cyclists are passing by, one of them is in need of a tune-up or perhaps even a new tire.

If the repair shop has implemented geo-fencing technology, they have the ability to notify the cyclist of the existence of the location and perhaps a current sale on everything in their pro-shop. With geo-fencing, this data is based on the cyclist’s close proximity to the radius set by the shop.

How the content is delivered varies depending on a businesses implementation of geo-fencing technology. Push notifications are common, which are pop-ups on an individual’s smartphone that emulate receiving a text message, while targeted ads appearing in their social media feeds are another one.

What Is Geo-Targeting?

If geo-fencing is the technology that sends notifications to locationally-enabled smartphones nearby, what is geo-targeting? This term refers to a more specialized spectrum of customers in a certain radius. Geo-targeting focuses closely on demographics such as age, gender, interests, behaviors on social media as a way to determine who is an actual potential customer.

This is a more exclusive marketing tool than merely geo-fencing, where anyone that crosses paths with your set radius will be sent a push notification about your bicycle repair shop. Plus, there are ways to better leverage geo-targeting for a better ROI.

Commonly, geo-targeting benefits larger geographical areas. Going back to our bicycle repair shop, if this business has multiple locations, where a few are in a more metropolis-sized city, geo-targeting can help sift through the amount of potential patrons based on those aforementioned demographics, narrowing down where your push notifications or targeted ads go, rather than just going out randomly.

Where Does It Begin?

To harness the power of geo-fencing and geo-targeting, Reconisense Consulting is ready to help!

With our unique solutions, we make marketing simple. You can rest easy knowing our focus is to identify your customers, connect with them, influence a positive experience, and ensure that your

brand is at the forefront of their minds.

For a free consultation, connect here and be sure to follow our Facebook page for more information about how you can better build your brand!

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