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Website Basics For Local Brands

There are some truly amazing technologies that are changing the way we solve problems. Apps are getting simpler, yet more interactive, and even our homes and vehicles have become “smart”. The seamless integration of ads into social media takes the battle for our attention to another level. And as local brands allocate scarce resources to connect with customers across multiple channels, the efficacy and purpose of a traditional website isn’t always clear.

Aside from having an online store, does a website add value to your local brand? We believe websites will remain an enduring component of your digital strategy, so here are a few practical tips.

Consider The User Experience

When you walk into your local grocery store, what do you notice? Where do your eyes go? Odds are, you know what you’re at the store for, and you want to find it as easily as possible.

What is occurring is a user experience, albeit a physical, in-person one. A similar occurrence happens when a customer arrives at your website. Making your site easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing are all valuable traits that must be considered.

User experience is why many individuals took to Facebook over MySpace. The ease of use is appealing, and in our digital connected and exponentially fast world, it is everything. Consider timing how fast a test subject can locate something specific on your website with minimal direction during the development stage.

Quality Content Helps Your Rank

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is thrown around by many consulting firms, and too often the client does not entirely understand how to improve their SEO. On Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, content especially drives your SEO, but it must be quality.

Having descriptive and quality content on your home page is most important, as Google sees that first, much like the produce section of your local grocery store being the first thing a customer sees upon entry. A nice variety of written content, rich with keywords pertaining to your industry is sure to boost your rank.

In addition to content on static pages, consider implementing a dynamic page as well. Most commonly, this is a blog. If you design your website on a CMS like WordPress or Wix, these services boast user-friendly blog systems, allowing you to simply add them like an image or block of text.

Reconisense Has Your Solution

There are several do-it-yourself website design programs and CMS solutions accessible to the public, so much so that it can be draining as a business owner to explore building your own website.

Our team at Reconisense is in your corner! Your focus should be on your customers, and we understand this. We offer top-tier marketing solutions, especially website design, content management, and more for a multitude of industries.

We keep our focus largely on user experience and improving the response rates of customers on your website. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for more information about our website design services and helpful hints in marketing.

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